Agri robotics

Spandan innovators are making waves around the world with their simple and small robots that can be used individually on a small farm by performing operations like crop monitoring and analysis, fertilizing, irrigation, picking, etc.

Benefits of Drone Technology

Drones can be used for Aerial photography, Security, and Agriculture for the safety of crops, crop health monitoring, spraying of fertilization, after the natural disaster it can also use military use.

Solar Products

By using solar products in your daily lives you can help nature to reduce the use of coal to produce electricity

Use free electricity in our daily lives by buying our products.

Robotics and automation

Automation and Robotics is use to reduce the need of human interaction in the production of goods and services.

Robotics and Automation reduce your work time, risks and give you a good quality result in minimum time.

What We Offer

we can reduce human labour or at least reduce the labour-intensive work by Autonomous agriculture vehicle developed for different operations in farm like spraying of fertilizer, irrigation, crop monitoring, shifting of fruit cratesfrom one to other place in farm.

This vehicle save farmers labour cost, work time, fuel cost.

Fertilizing from remote location

Fertilizers are applied to crops by using the autonomous agriculture-vehicle. it saves farmers labour cost, farmers time. Also properly spraying of fertilizers in perfect measurements.

Fuel less electronics robot

We used the solar/battery operated robotics system , the major cost of the farming is because of the fuel consumption so that is reduce by the use of solar and battery systems.

Irrigation from remote location

Water are applied to crops by using the autonomous agriculture vehicle. it saves farmers labour cost, farmers time. Also properly spraying of water in perfect measurements.

Delivering fruit crates by remote access

  • It can help farmers to transfer/ delivered the to another location by remote access of vehicle.
  • It can reduce farmer's fuel costs because the vehicle is fuel-less.
  • Reduces physical activity of farmers.

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We are also interested in to the design and development of solar products and We are complete more than 10 solar projects in less than 1 year.

solar installation
solar installation
solar installation
solar installation

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